Saturday, September 18, 2010

Part Three: The First Date and a DTR

Part Three: The First Date and a DTR

When Kyle picked me up for our first date, I took careful attention to the car he was driving: 
I concluded from this evaluation that he wasn't an egomaniac, was conservative with his resources, and favored classic, reliable vehicles.  But then what was I to think about the hula girl adhered to his dashboard?

We first sought out the elusive Hobbitville and then headed to Park City for dinner and shopping.  On our way up the winding mountain roads to Park City, I read to Kyle the notes I had made about interpreting a crazy dream I recently had.  (I love to interpret my dreams)  As a result, I got ridiculously car sick and closed my eyes so as to not throw up on the hula girl.  Kyle silently wondered to himself what was wrong with this girl and why are her eyes closed?  Is she praying? 

For dinner, we decided on a local pizza and noodle place.  Kyle gave the name "Whitesnake" for which to identify our order and posed for pictures while waiting in line.  We discussed serious matters of importance over bbq chicken pizza and dr. pepper. 

Park City was freezing cold in October, but we walked around the shops and took pictures with the local "residents."  (Kyle loves to pose for pictures.  It's one of his many redeeming qualities)

Later we watched a movie and I think he held my hand.

After three more weeks of dates and possible hand-holding, Kyle was driving me home when he asked, "So, can I be your boyfriend?"
And a relationship was born.

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