Monday, September 20, 2010

Once upon a time we had a first anniversary

Because our anniversary was on Sunday, we celebrated the day before.
(and also the day of)

Kyle knows how much I love sleep and food and therefore the whole day long was planned around these, my two favorite events.  Oh, and also the temple.

After sleeping in late (thank you, curtains, for being so good at blocking out light), we spent the afternoon at the Mount Timpanogos Temple.  It was the most wonderfully peaceful way to spend the day together.

We had just a couple hours before our dinner reservations, so we went home to hang out.  I was rather enjoying Uptown Girls (rest in peace Brittany Murphy) when Kyle insisted that I help him sort through mail.  "Uh, I'm busy watching a chick flick!" I wanted to yell, but instead I just complained and complained and when I finally got to the kitchen table I noticed an envelope addressed to me, indicating that I was now on a treasure hunt and this was the first clue.
Boy am I ever a big fat jerk.
The clues were funny and sweet (just like Kyle!) and took me all over the house.  The last clue instructed me to put an address in the GPS and follow it.  So we did.  And guess where it took us?

The Home freaking Depot!
So if you were at the Home Depot at approximately 4:00 pm on Saturday night and heard a girl dressed in heels squealing with delight, I can now tell you that it was me and I was squealing because Kyle bought me a paint sprayer!

See how happy I am?
He really knows what I want.
(I have SO many projects for this baby!)

We then found our way to The Melting Pot, only the most delicious of deliciousness you could ever dream up.

The cheese was amazing, the entrees were amazing (lettuce wraps.... so so), and the chocolate was to die for.
I may have even devoured the chocolate by the spoonful.
And licked my plate.
We totally died.

This is Kyle in a post-fondue food coma.  Because I love him so, I let him watch the last half of the Boise State game.  That was half my gift to him.  The other half was the gift that came in the mail a few weeks ago that he prematurely opened all by himself.

This is what I got him. 
It's called Table Topics and it's a game of questions that you can ask each other.  Nothing fancy, really, but it was great because Kyle is always wanting to ask each other questions, but I hate coming up with things to ask.  We spent hours going through the questions and learned a lot about each other!

Sunday was our "real" anniversary and Kyle surprised me with roses!  I surprised him with pot roast and potatoes and my very first yeasty rolls which turned out pretty amazing, if you ask me. 
It's a good thing we had already celebrated Saturday because after dinner, I napped for hours.  And Kyle watched football.  It was pretty much a perfect day.

Tradition holds that you're supposed to save the top of your wedding cake and eat it on your first anniversary. 

We are not ones to break tradition, so out came the cake!

Kyle thought it looked like a top hat...

Feel free to laugh. I did.

After my 2 1/2 hour nap (can't you tell I just woke up?), we sliced up the cake and reminisced about our wedding day.  It was actually still pretty good, I was quite surprised.  The only problem with it is it's vanilla cake (Kyle's choice) and the chocolate filling was not nearly enough chocolate for my taste.  But, then again, I let Kyle pick out the cake for our wedding.  After all, I picked out everything else : )


Jamie said...

mmmm melting pot, cake, so yummy. I'm so jealous right now I can't even tell you!! I'm so happy for you guys being married, it's pretty much the best coupling ever!! Love you guys!

Crystal said...

Happy Anniversary! It sounds like it was absolutely heavenly.