Friday, August 27, 2010

A Particular Disappointment

A particular disappointment in the life of the married is the difficulty of surprise.  You see, when one shares a residence and a bank account with a spouse, it is nearly impossible to sneakily purchase a gift and have it arrive via the United Parcel Service without the spouse first finding it. 

I thought surely I had covered my bases by using my own zero-balance credit card to make the purchase.  Kyle would certainly never suspect there to be any charges on it!  And I could pay the balance in cash at the bank!  Brilliant! 

There would be the problem of delivery, yes, but Kyle is predictable.  He only enters and exits through the garage door and has never seen the plate of cupcakes that has been sitting on our doorstep for three days (twice) so there is no way he would notice a small package there either. So you see?  The bases?  They were covered.

But the one time he notices something on the doorstep is the one time it happens to be something for him.  (I am just sure the grasshoppers had something to do with it)  The package also happened to arrive the same day as our new 1500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets (yippee!).  I believe his overeager enthusiasm for new bedding also was to blame.  He tells me as I come home and discover the open packages that he thought the gift was "something that came with the sheets." 

At any rate, he was excited about my gift and a happy early anniversary to you too, babe.


Kim Cummings said...

What was the gift?!?! :)

Elissa Cox, Realtor said...

Haha! That's funny! I have the same problem. Ev checks all our bank and credit card accounts daily.