Sunday, August 29, 2010

Breeziness, Swedishness, and Wonderfulness.

On several occasions today it was pointed out by friendly neighbors that we are always gone.  And it is true.  Between our two full-time jobs and the weekend trips to here or there, we really spend very little time in the house that the 30 year mortgage built.  But I do love this house.  I love it especially much on days when it's not so blistering hot and all the windows are open and breezing the breeziest of breezes through the every which part of our little home.  It makes me want to never leave this house.  And for the weekends to last forever.  And for every season to be so very much fall-like.  Oh but I'm so excited for fall!

We had a date to the IKEA just this last Friday night and let me tell you something, you know you are married when your idea of a date involves returning curtains and wandering through aisles of Swedish dinnerware on a particularly stormy Friday night.  Do I even remember what the single me did on Friday nights anymore?  I don't think that I can remember a whole year ago to the non-married weekend nights of dates of bowling and long drives and silly phone call conversations.  But the married me was with married Kyle on Friday so we found ourselves a new Swedish duvet cover and some Swedish curtain rods and set for home to watch a movie in our breezy home that I love so much.

And Kyle did that thing where he spends no less than twenty minutes picking out the perfect movie only to select a manly action movie.  But then, you see, his conscience caught up to him and told him to watch a chick flick with his wife.  And so he did.  And all were merry and bright.

Other bits of weekend wonderfulness include:
1. sleeping in my own bed
2. "Mr. Zesty"
3. a real real double date night with the abby and jason
4. the most lovely and non-grasshopper-infested yellow dahlia blossom
5. a photo shoot with my sister
6. a mini bedroom makeover
7. 1500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets (but really, I still can't get over it)
8. mint chocolate cookie ice cream
9. catching up with the kevin and suzi and snuggling their babies

I could go on but Kyle just informed me that he has a one hour break before his next fantasy football draft and so I must go to take advantage of this rare opportunity to actually talk to my husband today.

I love him.  But I do not understand him.


Abby said...

The double date was the best part though right? Ha ha ha ha Thanks again for doubling with us! It was great to spend time with you guys!

Suzi Q said...

Snuggling with my babies. Ha! That's awesome, and true.

Anonymous said...

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