Wednesday, August 18, 2010

There are just too many shades of white these days

In our house are four bedrooms that are each a different color:
Dark Green
Baby Blue
And we've decided to paint them all white.  Do you know how many shades of white there are?  There are way too many, that's what.  After thirty minutes of deliberating we settled on Benjamin Moore Glacier White, neither of us really caring one way or the other.  But now... I'm having second thoughts.

I mean, I love white, but the rest of our house is definitely not white. 
Will it clash? 
Look out of place? 
Be too sterile? 
Or boring?
Should we have gone with Ballerina White instead of Glacier White?
Glaciers are cold. 
I don't want a cold room. 
But cold would probably be nice in the summer. 
But summer is about to end and then there will be plenty of Utah cold going around.
But ballerinas are so pretty...

Basically I've come to the conclusion that we have much too much house for me to handle.  There are too many decisions, too many rooms, too many choices, and much too many whites for my simpleness to process.  I want there to be a sense of continuity from room to room but I have so many ideas that are all so different that it just feels impossible to achieve.

I'm going out of town this weekend and Kyle is going to paint the lavendar room (aka his office) Glacier White.  I will keep my fingers crossed. 
I mean really, how bad could it be?

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vickyj said...

I'll tell you how bad it's going to be if he doesn't prime the lavendar walls first. He is going to have to paint 2-3 coats of Glacier white to cover the lavendar. White is a good color for an office -- lots of light -- IF he can cover the lavendar.