Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Unfriendly Thoroughfare

The road has not been very kind to me these days.  Last week I got chased down and spit on by a man on a motorcycle who proceeded to shout obscenities at me for miles.  But isn't it one of the most offensive things to be spit on?  I do think so. 

Then yesterday a man in a Jeep and army fatigues flipped me off and shouted unmentionables out his window after he cut me off and nearly knocked me off the freeway. 

And then I got stuck in the world's worst traffic jam late at night, just an exit away from home.  Apparently some bimbo was driving the wrong way on the freeway and hit a police car.  I thought for sure the jam was construction related which caused feelings of hatred for the Utah Department of Transportation, but those hateful feelings were quickly ameliorated once I saw the fifteen police cars and the two smashed up sedans.  How can you hate someone who has been in an accident?  Even if she is a bimbo. 

Even riding the bus hasn't been working out so great these days.  You see, someone has decided to cancel my bus stop and now the buses are all irregular and moody and by the time my bus finally arrives, there are 75 angry businessmen and myself standing on a street corner cursing silently (and some not so silently) the Utah Transit Authority.  But at least on the bus I can sleep.  And I'm safe from the motorcycle meanies, bimbos, etcetera.

I sense that God is testing my patience and love for idiotic strangers and moody bus schedules.  I would fear my test scores should not be very high except, except not once I did retaliate with shouting words of hate.  I did not strike back with saliva.  Neither did I concede to use my own token finger in a moment of weakness.  So actually, I think I did pretty good.  But if the road could please behave for awhile, I would really appreciate it. 
I'm starting to hate driving.

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Abby said...

Ugh...driving...I hear ya on some of these. The spitting this I agree of THE most offensive things ever.