Monday, July 12, 2010

Life & Meaning Through Tommy Lee Jones

So we were watching US Marshals the other night and I got to thinking that if only everyone could put the guns down and Wesley Snipes could have some honest, open communication with Tommy Lee Jones, this whole chasing-the-wrong-bad-guy thing could be resolved. And then it got me to thinking that marriage is like a Tommy Lee Jones movie.

Allow me to explain.

Like how at first Tommy blames Wesley for committing some heinous crime: “Wesley, you killed those two people and escaped from the grasp of the law only to run free and dangerous all over the place.”

See also in marriage:
“Husband, I can’t believe you didn’t fold my laundry. You folded all of your own laundry and left mine sitting in the basket all alone. I’m so offended. You don’t care about me. My laundry means nothing to you and therefore I mean nothing to you.”

And then some things start to not add up the way you thought and suddenly: is Tommy chasing Wesley or protecting Wesley? Who’s really the bad guy here?

See also in marriage:
There was that one time that she told Husband not to fold her laundry because he didn’t fold it right and she’d just have to fold it again anyway and so maybe he is not so guilty after all?

And in the end we find out that actually Wesley Snipes was innocent and totally working for the government as a good guy. He was just set up.

See also in marriage:
Husband confirms previous reports that she once told him not to fold her laundry and was actually trying to make her happy when she mistakenly interpreted his laundry-neglect as a personal attack on her very being. So he’s actually a really good guy, just maybe a little misunderstood.

Do you see what I mean here?  There is some serious life lessons to be learned in the watching of a Tommy Lee Jones movie.

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