Monday, July 12, 2010

How Google Improved My Quality of Life:

1. That time the garbage disposal was broken, I googled how to fix it. And I fixed it.

2. When Kyle wanted a blue and orange wedding to honor his beloved Boise State Broncos, I googled “blue and orange weddings” and realized it could be done tastefully. Without Bronco heads.

3. Thanks to Google, I taught myself to reupholster a chair.

4.  Install a light fixture.

5.  Refinish furniture.

6.  Paint our house.

7.  Plant dahlias.

8. Google helped me to identify the horrifyingly awful creatures known as “house centipedes” that were repeatedly invading our apartment.

9. Google Maps got us from here to there more times than I can remember.

10. Google Reader made it possible for me to subscribe to an embarrassing number of blogs, all of which have inspired me in some way or another.

i love you, Google.

1 comment:

KimiK said...

Agreed...however, the one "how to" I need is not found..."how to get more sleep right before girls camp" :D