Thursday, July 15, 2010

As if Riding the Bus Was Ever Glamorous or Something

one time i rode in the front seat.
I have nothing of particular interest to share today because commuting via public transportation has sucked the very life and cleverness from my full-time employee bones.  You may wonder to yourself, "How could a bus do such a thing to a promising young life?"  And my answer is as follows:

this photo was not staged. the persons involved are not actors.  i am genuinely displeased.
1.  Complete disregard for personal space. The bus has been especially crowded lately and as a result I no longer get a pair of seats all to myself. This displeases me greatly. Especially when my seat partner falls asleep and hovers dangerously close to my shoulder.

2.  Perfumes & colognes of a strong-smelling variety.  A forty-minute bus ride sitting within inches of a person who is wearing way too much of something smelly is absolutely nauseating.

actual photo from my bus ride
3.  Lack of personal hygeine.  Again, a forty-minute bus ride sitting within inches of a person.... well, you get the idea.

4.  Greasy face marks on bus windows. Need I say more? It is a miracle I don't dry-heave the whole way to and from work every day.

don't the vents look angry?
5.  And last, but not least, the loud cell phone talker.  My bus is usually very quiet and conducive to an early morning nap.  Except when an obnoxious female in the front of the bus has a very personal conversation so loudly that everyone on the bus can hear every detail.  She apparently did not realize she had aquired a very captive audience and her loudness rudely interrupted my morning nap.

So perhaps tomorrow I will regain my thoughtfulness and charming demeanor, but as for now I'm tired and cranky.  Anyone have some chocolate to spare?


Abby said...

Ugh....I hear ya on this! And that's one of the nice buses! That's the real kicker!

Gordita said...

What the what? Bare feet? Where are his socks? Why? WHY?

.Twig. said...

I don't even know how you deal. Seriously. Greasy face marks make me want to vomit on the person who left them!

And the dude with no personal hygiene came in MY office today. I'm almost positive it was the same man, destined to make our lives miserable with his lack of showering or changing his underwear!!