Monday, July 19, 2010

July 4th & the Baby-Snatchers

I know, July 4th was forever ago, but I am still drooling over the spectacular shish kabobs we made.  Aren't they lovely?
Speaking of, I totally drooled on myself in the kitchen the other day.

Kevin and Suzi and Cody-the-toddler came over to celebrate with us, putting our hammock to good use.

Cody is giving his baby brother some love.  Sweet, huh?  I know, I want to keep him too.  And yes, Suzi's shirt is wet, and yes it's because of the kiddie pool.

Isn't he dreamy??  Seriously, I want to keep him.  Here he is telling me how he loves me so.  Can't you see it in his eyes?

It was, of course, windy like always, but we enjoyed the fireworks nonetheless.

I mean, it was seriously windy.  Check out this hair.

Hello, we are the Post's and when you turn around we'll steal your baby and pretend he is ours.

On the real July 4th day, Kyle and his wife (me) set up camp in our backyard and listened to fireworks all night long.

And played UNO. (Yes, I definitely kicked his trash).
And watched Dan In Real Life.
Which reminded me again of how much Kyle reminds me of Steve Carell and how much I am so glad I married him.

The End.

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