Friday, July 9, 2010

The Lesser of Two Evils?

So we are thinking of taking the "scenic" route to Colorado in August. 

Which may include Trail Ridge Road. 

Does this look terrifying to anyone else? 

My palms are sweaty just thinking about it.

Here are the facts:
*Trail Ridge Road is the highest continuous highway in the U.S.
*It is 12,183 feet at its highest point.
*It may make you wet your pants.

This also makes me wonder who will be brave enough to drive us along this terrifying road?  You see, Kyle does not like heights, but he also considers me a "three out of ten driver."  So the question is, which does he fear more: driving at 12,000 feet on practically guardrail-and-shoulder-less roads or his wife's driving?

I'm going to go out on a limb here and go with the latter.

The End.


Shannon said...

We used to drive trail ridge all the time when I was little. I don't remember it being scary, probably because my dad already drives like a snail, but I do remember always getting car sick!

Crystal said...

Just looking at that makes me want to cry! My fear of heights is pretty severe, though. I'd never drive (or even walk) that with you, sorry :) But I'd drive pretty much anywhere NOT near a cliff with you!!!

Chantal said...

You should go on that drive on the way to our wedding (!!!) because then you would be RIGHT where Ryan proposed. :)