Monday, June 14, 2010

Ugly-to-White Transformations

Have I mentioned I love white? 
Kyle still jokes about how I want to paint everything in our house white, but after a couple of ugly-to-white transformations, I think he's beginning to see the white.  Er, light. 
(okay okay that was totally a pun my dad would make) (I need some practice) (love you dad!)

Exhibit A: orangey coffee table from D.I. for $10

Now seen in "Ivory Lace" with a little antiquing.

With a little ORB on the handle.  Better, no? 

Exhibit B: a twenty-five cent garage sale something-or-other in a pukish shade of puke.

Now appearing (albeit a little blurry) in white!  Very much less pukish, no?

And so I rest my case: "almost" everything ugly looks better in white.  I say "almost" because I would prefer my skin to come in a shade of bronze, but my genetics say otherwise.  But you get the point.

1 comment:

Abby said...

Ugly to white huh? He he he :0) Good title. It looks great! I like the antiquing you did on it!