Monday, June 14, 2010

Bringing Home Baby. Er, Speakers.

Kyle and I went down to the Best Buy to purchase his long-awaited surround sound speaker system thing. He was giddy. Giddy like unto a child.

Perhaps even giddier than he was the day he purchased his beloved BBQ grill. "It's like bringing home a baby from the hospital!" He declared. Is it really? Because I hope it is more exciting for me. You know, the day that we bring a baby home from the hospital. (But doesn't he look like he's pushing a baby stroller out of the Home Depot instead of a BBQ grill?)

While Kyle was buckling the speakers in the back seat of the Honda, I chatted it up with the mobile services people. We were planning to get new phones this weekend but I thought to myself, "We are here, they are here, let's do this thing." And so I somehow tricked Kyle into making quick decisions on a type of phone he needed and we left the Best Buy with adorably matching red and blue phones. (Kyle had to have the blue one, you know for Boise State. Not so much for BYU.)

Fast-forward a few hours and we are sitting in bed, each with our new phones, trying to figure out how to use them. I successfully posted a comment on facebook from my mobile device and went to sleep dreaming beautiful dreams. Kyle was not so sure about the need for Internet-accessing cellular phones, but as soon as he pulled up ESPN I knew he was hooked. He will likely not admit it to you, but I think he loves his new phone and it's ability to produce real-time game scores. Especially since we are currently without cable television.

But thanks to the wonderfully talented Jason (who wields some seriously awesome tools) we are no longer without surround sound.  Jason and Abby came all the way from tornado valley (aka North Ogden) to help Kyle set up his new surround sound (aka "newborn child").  Actually, Jason and Kyle did all the work while Abby and I discussed the finer things in life.  You know, like coconut shrimp and yard sale treasures.  And then we rearranged the family room.

And then over the next few days Kyle watched 10 minutes of all his favorite movies in surround sound.  Including the 2007 Fiesta Bowl in which Boise State kicked the hillbilly trash out of Oklahoma State.  (aka the third happiest day of Kyle's life) (number one being the day he married me and number two being the future birth dates of our children).  I have to admit, I am rather impressed at the house-shaking quality of sound we now achieve from five little speakers.  Anyone want to come over for a movie party?

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Abby said...

You are so hilarious! I'm glad we could help...err...Well...That Jason could help :0) and remember...I warned you.