Sunday, June 13, 2010

So The NBA Finals Are On...

Being the wife of an avid sports enthusiast takes some getting used to.  For example, it has taken approximately nine months for me to get used to Kyle's yelling, nay screaming, at the TV during any given sports game.  The first few months were unnerving as I felt that shouting was in some way my fault, that I should try to console him, or that I should even listen at all.  I've since learned to just ignore him all together.  You know, just when the game is on, of course.

"Three flops in the first quarter!!!!  THREE!!  The same guy!!"

It's not so bad really.  In fact, it's actually pretty funny. 

"Even their coach has been saying all over the media how this guy does this and they still let him do it!"

I also kinda like it because, you see, Kyle is very passionate about the things he loves and so as much as he gets into sports, he is just as much into me.  Except he doesn't shout at me. 
You know what I mean?

"They don't freaking play basketball; they flop!!!"

All I have to say is thank goodness for commercial breaks; by the time the game comes back on he seems to forget what he was yelling about a few minutes earlier.

"How is that NOT a jump ball?!?"

Every now and then I realize he may actually be talking to me and I try my hardest to jump into whatever conversation he thought he was having with me.  I do learn things from time to time though.  You know, in between the exuberant cheers and shouting at the TV.  And when the game is over, he's back to directing all his love and passion to me.  You know, the lucky wife of an avid sports enthusiast.

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mrsmonje said...

I love how you describe him! Makes me miss my husband that much more! While Eric isn't as crazy into sports (meaning I am not forced to watch them all the time) he is also very passionate about it. I laugh all the time because they just get so silly about it lol. Oh and I have a question about a possible onsie, could you email me? thanks :)