Friday, June 11, 2010

"Hot Like Mexico"

It is June Eleven and I'm taking a sick day.  You know, just your typical we-can't-do-anything-for-you virus.  Stupid virus.  But have you ever Googled images of viruses?  They are fearsome science-fiction-like creatures to be sure.  But don't you think?

 Houses are so much different when you are inside them all the day long when you usually just come home after five.  For instance, who is it that is constructing the very loud clatter outside?  And why must it rattle my tables?  And does the train really go by five times between nine and eleven in the morning every day?  Really?

And furthermore, why did no one warn us that the wind here is so very much ferocious??  Yes, ferocious.  As in, it blows like unto a hurricane on a near daily basis. 

Ferocious as in I discovered our garbage can lying all over my dahlia sprouts.  This was very puzzling unto me because the garbage can lives about fifty feet away, around two corners from where my dahlia sprouts happen to be.  I mean really, do you see what had to have happened here?  I'm telling you, this wind is serious stuff in these parts.

And while we're asking questions here, why is it that Cream of Wheat is not more filling?  I love the Cream of Wheat but one serving is like unto a snack for my great and spacious appetite.  I'm pretty sure it only makes me hungrier.  (Unfortunately this is not the appetite suppressing type of virus that I have) (Stupid virus).

Lastly, has anyone watched the Alejandro video from Lady Gaga?  I suggest you do not.  It is eight minutes and forty-three seconds of weirdness.  She is weird.  I will admit, I do like some of her music and it's so very catchy and a good beat to run to (you know, if I ever wanted to run or something) but I do think her videos are all sorts of bizarre and disturbing.  I have to give her a virtual high-five though for doing a video with no mascara.  I do think a girl like her should probably always wear mascara.  And does anyone even high-five anymore?  But maybe that is so 1995 or something.


mrsmonje said...

Can I just say that I LOVE your blog?!? You have a fantastic way with words and make my day that much more enjoyable when I should be paying attention at work. Any who I've been stalking your blog for a while now but I don't think its really stalking since I do kinda know suzi and found your blog off hers! Your one of my favorites and I wish we were neighbors so I could hire you to decorate my houseB sorry for such a long comment

Kourtney said...

You are so sweet! Thanks so much for reading, I'd love to be your neighbor! :)

The Gist Family said...

OK Kourtney,

I think I just need to be around you more, because that just made me snort out loud at your hilllllarriousness! Gracias, mi amiga!


The Gist Family said...

Plus also, are you on any "special medicine" for that ugly virus?

Anonymous said...

Your blog is so much fun to read, but I must confess that "like unto" is popping up so much it's starting to feel like a speed bump for me and I cringe going over them. But other than that, I am loving it. Keep up the great work!