Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ain't Room Enough for the Both of Us

It was stiflin' hot when I showed up at the weekly youth activity prepared to teach a dozen young girls to sew pioneer bonnets.  I entered the room to find another sewer, many years my senior, brandishing a half dozen sewing machines and some serious sewing pride.  I sensed right away there was goin' to be trouble.

She seemed a little taken back that I was there, with my 2002 Viking and well-equipped sewing tackle box and seemingly tried to establish some kind of territorial boundaries.  The tension was thick and within a minute and a half she had thrown at me a list of her sewing credentials including sewing two of her daughters' wedding gowns by phone!  Across the country! And they fit perfectly!

What did I lash back at her?  Nothin' other than my killer charm, a really awesome seam-ripper, and a bachelor's degree proving four years of serious sewing studies. 

She tried again later to establish dominant sewing skills in the form of rudimentary lessons in pattern literature.  I whipped back with a thread-by-thread definition of woven fabrics.  The crowd oooed and ahhed at my expert terminology.

At the end of the night, I successfully aided in the construction of seven handmade pioneer bonnets.  Let it be known that I totally owned that makeshift sewing room... if I do say so myself.


Abby said...

I bet you did fabulously! I'm always jealous of your sewing skills!

Elissa Cox, Realtor said...

Kourtney, I absolutely love your blog. You're amazing! Thanks for always keeping me entertained.

Ashley and Devin said...

hahahaha yeah teach that old woman!!!

Suzi Q said...

This was hilarious. I loved it.

vickyj said...

This sounds very much like the "testosterone sparring" I've been dealing with at the restaurant. One contractor comes in and makes a comment on how another contractor is doing his job -- the wrong way! to his face! There was even a comment about "my saws-all is bigger than your saws-all." And, of course, they all have an opinion about how I'm doing my job. Sometimes I do listen and learn. Other times I just keep on doing. Would your sewing event be classified as "estrogen sparring" or just "general hormone positioning"? It's a war out there!