Friday, June 25, 2010

A Public Service Announcement

(see how happy I am?!?!?) (I'm SO happy!!)
As of today, we have been married nine months and six days.  That makes us some kind of marriage experts, don't you think?  After all, nine months is a very long time in a narrow-minded world that revolves around me.  (Don't worry, I still suffer from youngest-child syndrome)  And since I know you are all wondering, "How do they stay so happy?"  "How do they keep things fresh?"  I give to you, the secret to our happy marriage:

1.  Let me sleep.  A lot. 
When sleep-deprived, I often become delirious and mutter incoherent grumblings under my breath.  Or I mistakenly think I am superbly hilarious and will make jokes all the night long.  Or I might even become bitterly angry for no good reason.  Or I may find something terribly ridiculous to cry about.  There's no predicting just which of these scenarios may take place so it is better to be safe and let me sleep.  A lot.

2.  Feed me. 
When hungry, I lose all ability to make rational decisions or focus on anything at all.  And I may lash out at anyone holding a chocolate bar.  I am not a good hungry person.

3.  Surround me with babies. 
But don't babies make everything happy?  As long as they are not crying.  Or peeing my leg.  (Don't worry Suzi, I still love Cody)

This is a very simple, three-step formula that is proven to bring peace and joy around the world. (You know, the one that revolves around me)  

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