Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An Upholstered Update of Sorts

How do you get your husband excited about your sewing projects?

Make a huge mess in the family room.

And by excited I mean a visible display of joy that a project is finally completed.

Or in my case, close to completed.

Enter: The Chair

And here is where I tell you that over the course of several hours, perhaps days even, I disassembled the entire cushion cover I had previously made and cut a new one. 

(My Bachelor's Degree in Apparel Design & Construction may just as well be in DEconstruction) 
(As in, I could have majored in seam-ripping, if that was an option) 

So the new cushion more closely follows the pattern of the original orange cushion and was
THE BIGGEST pain to construct.  Seriously.

So now the cushion is done. 
(Except for the one slightly bulgy corner that I may never decide to fix)

And I settled on no tufting for the back.
And then I ran out of staples.
So I couldn't finish the back.
But I will.
Very soon.

All in all, The Chair looks practically usable (although I recommend not leaning back as you will fall through the frame) and therefore he is on display in our family room until further notice.

Give me one more weekend and I might just have this thing finished.

And then on to another project...

Like the $2 chair I picked up at the D.I. on Saturday!  I am rather excited about this new chair project because it doesn't have an upholstered back.  In fact, I will not need to sew one piece of it.  Just cut and staple!

I know, you are just as excited as I am.  It's okay to show it.


Abby said...

That chair is gorgeous!!! I love it! You have done such an amazing job!

Kellie said...

That look incredible!!! GREAT job!