Friday, April 30, 2010

Hope For The Hopeless

I spent hours (okay it was days) drawing up some nerdy plans for our inside spaces and was determined to hang our pictures and shelves all by my handy self.  Four botched paint jobs, one largish hole in the wall, and a few cursings later, I finally managed to hang two shelves and a pair of curtains.  FIVE hours to do only that??  Seriously.  I felt so failured.  If it wasn't for Kyle I also never would've found the shelving mounts, screwdriver (twice), hammer, screws, spray paint... you name it.  Pretty much I would be lost with Kyle.  Literally. 

This weekend I plan to sand and paint up the $10 coffee table I snagged at DI a few weeks ago.  I have no idea if it will turn out pleasant in the end, but one can hope, can't one?  Kyle thinks it's too low to the ground.  Kyle is probably right.

I will also put together my sewing room.  Aka, the "Blue Room."  You see, the previous owners painted every bedroom a different color.  We have the Blue Room, the Purple Room, and the Pink Room.  I claimed the Blue Room as my sewing room because for now it's the most tolerable color of the three and it may be awhile before I get around to painting them.

Also I'm going to finally put all those dozens of frames I've been collecting to good use.  Over the last year or so I have accumulated approximately three dozen picture frames.  You can imagine the puzzlement Kyle has experienced over this.  Especially when they've just been sitting pictureless in boxes all this time.

If I'm feeling extra adventurous I may also attempt to deconstruct the ancient orange chair that I've carted around through at least four different moves now.  It once belonged to a grandmother of mine and I love it to pieces.  Only it's wood finish has become sticky and it's orange velvety fabric has long since seen better days.

Oh, what's that?  It took me five hours to hang three things and you're wondering how I'm going to do all this in one weekend?   Well, there will be a lot of cursing, is what there'll be.  And in the end I might actually finish one of these projects. 
But one can only hope.


Suzi Q said...

I get extremely impatient waiting for Kevin to decided he is in the mood to do things like this. So like you, I'll just do it my damn self.

Abby said...

I'm proud of you! You are doing so much! And it looks great!