Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Eve

In an effort to retain some Easter family tradition, I began baking approximately 4.25 hours ago.  5 1/2 cups of flour and 3 phone calls to my mom later I have 2 dozen "bunny buns" rising their third rise on my slightly warmish stove.  Now I know why I love Rhode's Rolls so much: baking breads takes forever!  And then all that kneading!  And did you know that if you eat uncooked bread dough you will burp yeasty burps for several hours after?  I just thought I should let you know. 

For the record, I am really quite pleased with the way these buns are shaping up (that's what she...).  I have only had 2 previous encounters with yeasty breads and exactly 1/2 of those encounters ended tragically.  I realize this may be a too many statistics for you to handle late on Easter Eve, but I do have a thing for numbers and I have 38 minutes to kill while my buns double in size (that's what she...). 

Kyle is especially anxious for Easter because then we can pack away all the bunnies I have scattered around the house.  He reminds me often that Easter is about celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and not at all about bunnies and I remind him that we have pictures of Jesus around the house all year and the bunnies only come out for a couple weeks.  I mean let's try to savor some tradition here!  I promise I do not worship the bunnies.  I'm not even sure how bunnies came around for Easter anyway. 

So this afternoon I contemplated fixin' a right good Easter basket for Kyle but when I found that the WalMart was out of Cadbury MiniEggs I figured what's the point?  The Easter holiday really does produce the finest of holiday candies if I do say so myself.

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vickyj said...

They look perfect. You did a good job by memory and telephone. I'm so proud.