Thursday, April 8, 2010

Of Gym-Goers and Moving Boxes

 I've been much too distracted these past many weeks to go to the gym.  But on account of there being jiggly parts that ought not to be so jiggly, I ventured over gym-ways for some much needed calorie burning.  Also, Kyle had already gone to the gym when I got home from work and I suffer from inner guilt of laziness if he goes and I do not.  Furthermore, I gave in to the peanut butter m&ms, the irony of which is that thirty minutes on the treadmill does little to compensate for said sugar indulgence. 

During my speedwalk/Simpson's episode, an unknown fellow gym-goer hopped on the treadmill next to me while talking on her cell phone.  She continued to talk (quite loudly) for the duration of The Simpsons.  My reading of the subtitles was severely impeded and caused me to wonder, but aren't there rules of etiquette about talking on the phone so loudly in the gym while others are exercising/reading subtitles?  I should like to post some rules regarding this problem.  To add insult to injury, she was not at all very jiggly and should therefore not have been running alongside me and my jigglyness.

So we begin our move in EIGHT days.  I have spent the last six months primping and organizing our tiny apartment to have some semblance of our personal style only to spend the next eight days (plus the previous five) packing it all away.  All those months of decorating now seem a little futile. 

 Kyle has been collecting boxes from work and spending many evenings packing away all our stuffs.  I was so proud when I came home with a single paper box to add to our collection.  My pride was dashed when I walked in the door to find that Kyle had brought home a few dozen boxes of varying sizes that were lined up along the wall, waiting to be filled.  "So much for my box contribution," I say!

I have, in fact, helped to pack several boxes.  But I feel that my moving-into-a-new-house contribution lies heavily in the preparing-to-decorate-the-heck-out-of-this-new-place category.  You see, I am a project-oriented person.  I really am.  When there is something new to look forward to, I obsess over it.  I google everything I can about it.  I draw pictures and diagrams.  I make color-coded charts.  (You think I'm joking?) 

This obsessive planning phase has been applied to several recent events including, but not limited to: wedding planning (a project-lover's guilty pleasure), selecting the tiny apartment, the searching for the perfect house, and now the decorating of the new house.  I spend most all of my free time scanning interior design blogs, pictures, magazines... whatever I can get my hands on.  And yes, I made a nerdy PowerPoint presentation to illustrate each room and my specific plans therein. 
I believe I was made to be a secretary. 

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Derek and Jen said...

Haha, you crack me up! We just went under contract and already I need a place to dump my brain while it gets overloaded with all my ideas! And hey, if you need a nice home for all those moving boxes after you move, let me know! That way it can look like I really made an awesome effort at getting boxes for our move! :)