Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Enough about the toast already!

So maybe we had a few minor "disagreements" today.

We love the Winco and the Winco happens to be on Kyle's way home from work.  So I ask him ever-so-sweetly to pick up some cheese for the funeral potatoes I plan to make for our delicious Easter Sunday dinner with friends. 

A short while later I remembered we also need more jam.  And butter.  Both for my daily toast meals.  And you know how much I love toast.

"Do you want to just make me a list or something?"  Kyle asks.

"Would you be offended if I did?"  The sweet wife replies.

"No."  Says the husband.

So I write him a list:

"That's it?  I think I can remember three things, I'm not dumb."  Seemingly-offended-husband exclaims.

And then I get the usual I've-just-never-met-anyone-who-eats-as-much-toast-as-you argument followed by the recently added version: you-are-so-passionate-about-your-butter.  I am NOT passionate about butter.  But I do love toast and toast without butter is just dry bread.

Later there was a dispute about the apparent femininity of David Archuleta.  I think he's kinda girly.  Kyle is an Archuletta fan and therefore he cannot be girly.

Oh and lastly, I successfully annoyed Kyle by poking and squeezing his face while he was trying to convince me of how manly David Archuleta is.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kyle for teaching me how to be super annoying.  I have truly learned from the best.

But I do love our witty banter.


Jamie said...

hahaha your arguments sound so much more civil than Justin and I's fights hahaha. He would probably leave the room slamming doors if I poked his face while he was mad.

Ashley and Devin said...

I love your guys' whitty banter as well! LIVE CLOSER!

Devin said...

Devin says David Archelleta wears more V necks than him.