Thursday, April 15, 2010

Almond Joy Has Nuts, Mounds Don't!

I'm pretty sure my husband thinks I'm nuts.  We are different people, you see, and that is why we got married.  Somewhere along the line someone made famous the saying, opposites attract.  And by opposites here, I mean creative planning.  And by creative planning I mean that when I eagerly snatch up old glass bottles and frames by the handfuls and make plans to paint various interiors of our house Goose Grey, Kyle looks at me with glazed-over eyes wondering what the heck his crazy wife is thinking. 

I have recently learned that Kyle (bless his manly heart) needs to see things in action in order to have any clue what I'm talking about.  I'll show him pictures, so excited about what I've found, and all he can say is, "Well, I'll have to see what it looks like."  What does he mean?  I'm showing him right here!  A picture!  Of what it looks like!  My method of planning is completely lost on the man.  This is why he does not understand why I must have more glass jars, more frames, and more paint.  Don't even get me started on the paint...

The last time my excitement for planning new-house-decor fell on deaf husband ears, I left in a huff and returned with two new pairs of shoes and a pint of frozen yogurt.

Sometimes when I ramble on about all my decorating plans I get the feeling that Kyle is thinking, "This woman is going to take over my life, one vintage doily at a time.  And where will all my Boise State decor fit into this?"  When in fact, I really am conscious of his style and interests (Boise State included) and I very much desire to create a beautiful home that will reflect both of our personalities.  I promise. 

Will someone please tell my husband that I am not, in fact, nuts?  It's my four year degree in a field of design that drives me to decorating insanity.  I promise.

(But is it nutty to dream about flea markets and drool over milk glass?  If so, then I might be a little nuts.  But only a little.)

By the way, we closed on our house today and Kyle's birthday is tomorrow.  Happy birthday husband!  You will love the cute vintage jars I bought for you!  (I kid! I kid!) 
(Those were actually for me)


Rich and Brianne said...

Rich says that all the time to me when I'm showing him pictures! Drives me batty. Yay for closing on your house!

vickyj said...

I have to say, when you were showing me the paint colors, I got a little glassy-eyed, too. However, the pictures do help. One little word from your mom: baby steps. Take everything in little tiny baby steps.

kate said...

I totally understand your excitement. I was blessed with a husband who basically just let me do my thing in the home decor department, and he's been very grateful for that! :) I think you'll surprise Kyle in a very very good way! :)

Elissa Cox, Realtor said...

I can't wait to see how your decorate your house Kourtney!!!

Anonymous said...

My friends and I are Nutty over Milk Glass, i actually have a group in FB called Milk Glass lovers... check it out sometime, thanks for sharing.