Monday, April 19, 2010


Okay so basically all of our goings-on these past six months have been centered around "the house thing," or so I've come to refer to the life-consuming stress that is saving for/looking for/signing contracts for our first home.  Well the good news is we have finally moved in and the better news is we have the best family and friends who helped us tremendous amounts over the weekend to get everything moved in. 

(Thanks y'all!)  (Kyle will totally make fun of me for saying y'all)  (You will probably make fun of me too)  (Go ahead, it's okay, I can take it)

So tonight marks night four in the new house.  Over the past several days we have scrubbed, scraped, washed, swept, mopped, and scrubbed some more to get this place feeling "like new."  In fact, I scrubbed so much my finger muscles are sore.  But did you know your fingers have so very many muscles?  And how about all these bruises I've accumulated?  What is that about?

When you really work for something, you just come to love it that much more.

I do not, however, love so much the sound of the train honking its honky horn three to four times every night.  Perhaps I shall get used to the sound, even though it is not nearly as soothing as the cows across the street and the horse down the road.

Now let me tell you something that's really something: out of every window you see mountains and/or cows!  Blessed day!  I do love the cows.  Really, I do.  It's almost as if we live in our very own farmhouse, only we don't have to do any actual farming.  I love it.

(Did I mention that the neighborhood market is selling chicks?!?!?  Chicks, I tell you!  I cannot say how I very much want a little chick for myself.  But only if it forever stayed a little chick...)

I also love love love that it's springtime and warm and sunny and when I open every single window in the house there is this magical breeze that breezes through every house-space. 

Here I must tell you that I have found great courage in what is bug-killer spray.  I rarely leave the house without it in my hand, prepared to fend off every spider that dashes my way.  I kid you not, when I opened the back door this morning there were spiders flying in my face!  Flying!  In my face!  Do you believe that?  Well believe it, because it happened and I was terrified and that is when I walked around the house twofold spraying every spider in sight (and there were several).  Only the wasps pretty much rule the yard and I will not ever get near the wasps.  Don't you think that wasps the most angry of insects? 
But I cannot say that I hate them more than spiders.


Ryan and Anna said...

Yeah, I don't do spiders either.

Abby said...

We're so glad that you're loving your new house! I think you'll get used the train, every once in a while we hear ours. I used to hear it every night and it really used to bug me, but not anymore.

I'm also glad that you have cows by you. We have horses in our backyard and I LOVE IT!

KimiK said...

Spray, spray and respray! UGH! now my skin is crawling....

Joami said...

you will learn to LOVE the sounds of the trains I PROMISE! It's one of my best memories of my aunts house, and she can't sleep with out it. ...Also refrain from buying a chick!! it's a trap! take it from me, I grew up with chicks and they are of the devil! i'm not kidding. stay away, i would rather take on a thousand scary spiders then one little chick!...a duck on the other hand would be AWESOME!