Thursday, March 4, 2010

Yea Verily On Thursday We Had Tacos

As Kyle so kindly pointed out, I have yet to unpack my luggage from last weekend's trip.  Problem: zero post-work motivation.  I come home from work, we eat dinner, and I sit for the remainder of the night.  And you know what?  I refuse to feel guilty about it. 

But, in fact, I do feel guilty which is why I'm trying to convince myself that it's ok to be lazy for a few evenings.  I'm holding out for the weekend and then I'll get caught up on my piles of laundry, unpacked luggage, and onesies to sew.  Besides, post-work laziness makes for lots of marital cuddling which is a great accompaniment to all the great stuff on tv this week.  Also, Kyle would not have found my camera hiding in the couch coushins had we not been cuddling during Seinfeld reruns tonight.  Bonus!

We did sacrifice watching the last 15 minutes of Pam and Jim having their baby on The Office for Kyle's basketball game.  I love watching Kyle play!  Granted it's only church basketball, but I'd say he is the star player.  But perhaps I'm biased.  The only pictures I have are blurry because Kyle insisted that if I was going to take pictures, it's more polite to not use a flash.  I think he was just embarrassed that his wife is so camera-happy and didn't want anyone to notice my incessent picture taking.  Either way, our team won!  On to the tournament!

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