Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Sandwich Bag vs. The Wife

 Okay, so I know I am blessed to have a thrifty husband who helps us save for our goals and hopes and dreams, but I have to say I'm putting my foot down on the reusing of sandwich bags. Ew! I recently discovered that Kyle has been using the same plastic sandwich bag for his daily peanut butter sandwiches for over two weeks. We have a drawer full of perfectly good, very cheap sandwich bags that he is welcome to use anytime. When I brought this matter to his attention, I received a 30 minute lecture on how reusing plastic sandwich bags could account for $6 in annual savings. 

My inner germophobe insists that reusing sandwich bags leads to the spread of germs and foodborne illnesses. Kyle disagrees.  He says that jam residue from his sandwiches will not harbor bacteria.  To properly settle this matter, I will pay Kyle $6 annually to just admit that I am right.  He can keep reusing his sandwich bags if he really wants to, but he must cease trying to convert me to his germy ways.

And that, my friends, is called negotiation. 

I could totally be a lawyer.


Ryan and Anna said...

I am with you on this one. Sandwich bags should not be re-used! I will happily "donate" a box of bags to you so Kyle can still have his $6 annual savings!

vickyj said...

Kyle is so like your dad. I'm not sure he figured the annual savings, but there was savings to be had reusing Sandwich bags, lunch bags, garbage bags. I could donate a box of bags, too. If we all pitched in, Kyle could have a year's supply.

Joami said...

shan and I went to ti pan today and they had that exact same picture of bread in a frame, for twenty dollars. Why I asked myself, would anyone buy a doodle of toast/bread whatever it is for 20 bucks? I'm deeply ashamed of our society. I very much love you.