Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pretty Freaking Awesome

Today was especially nice: sunny skies, spring weather, perfect for celebrating new beginnings, don't you think?  It was after lunch on this fine day that I happened upon this...

...and subsequently laughed myself to tears.  I'm sorry anonymous bride for making a mockery of your bridal fashion of choice.  But really, where is the sensible bridesmaid to tell you you look like a cake-topper?  I know that you meant well and perhaps wanted to accentuate the smallness of your waist but I feel it my public duty to inform you that your skirt is much too big.  And tell me, am I the only one who finds this hilarious?

It does however provide us all with a good peek at your tennis shoes. Nice touch!

As if THAT wasn't enough to make your day... I would like to present to you the public unveiling of Twitterman!  Yes, that's right, for the last few months my Kyle has been moonlighting as a radio station promotions assistant/Twitterman.  I'm so proud!  I love that he would willingly wear this costume and hand out t-shirts in public.  It's pretty freaking awesome is what it is!

Twitterman may be Kyle's alter ego, but tonight I was the superhero for I obtained 2 tickets to the Jazz game!  And the seats were pretty good!  Feel free to call me "Sugar Mama."  I think I've earned it.


Kellie said...

oh, that dress is so embarrassing!!! I know vintage is in, but she went back a few too many decades.

Joami said...

oh dear! yes, i think that was probably was mammas originally!

Ryan and Anna said...

I am still laughing and wiping the tears!