Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mundane Monday

Mondays are nobody's favorite.  But tell me, have you ever heard someone say, "Oh yes I love Mondays!"  No.  Everyone always says, "Hooray it's Friday!" or better yet, "Hooray it's Saturday!"  Monday gets a bad rap.  For the record, I'm no fan of Mondays either. 

Here is our report of Monday's mundane goings on (i.e. yesterday):

Item 1:  Daylight savings.  I do not remember daylight savings ever affecting me so poorly as it has this year.  Three days in and I'm still feeling sleep-deprived.  Monday I slept in until 7:30 AM, which is precisely 8 minutes prior to the time I leave for work.  I arrived to work at 8:05 AM.  I did not look pretty.

Item 2:  Produced a check for the purchase of our new home.  Experienced post-check-producing nausea.

Item 3:  Splurged on 2 double chocolate cookies.  (Nothing counteracts post-check-producing nausea like double chocolate cookies.)

Item 4:  Worked late and returned home to an empty apartment, husband off at his other job.  Wondered quizzically as to why I was watching a whole episode of Ghost Whisperer.  And what was going on with Jennifer Love Hewitt's awful menswear outfit?  And why must she be known by three names?

Item 6:  Joined Husband at the Jazz game after he successfully procured free tickets.

Item 7:  Canoodled with Maggie, Kim's darling Shorkie whom I love so very much.  I often refer to her as "the only dog I've ever loved."  Kyle does not appreciate nor understand how I could want to baby her so.

Monday, you weren't so bad this time, but I'm glad you're over.


Kellie said...

I love your blog. Congratulations on that gorgeous house!!! That patio makes me VERY envious and ALMOST makes me want to move out of CA. But only almost.

I don't hate mondays anymore, but when I was working full-time I did hear a few people say they loved Mondays and that made me sort of hate them... Is that bad?

Rich and Brianne said...

Yay for your new house! That's super exciting--and yes, the check-producing does cause anxiety!

KPost said...

Thanks Kellie and Brianne! We're very excited! (and nervous, anxious, freaked-out...) :) Come visit us anytime!

KimiK said...

wow...she doesn't even look like that anymore...lol I need to get you some new pics :D
Thanks again for coming up to let her out :)
And congrats again for the purchase! Can't wait to see it in person! <3