Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Night Well-Done

Since we are now under contract for purchasing our very first home (!) we now have our Saturdays back!  Even though looking at houses is really fun and exciting, it had me so thoroughly worn out.  It's a very emotional process.  So we lounged around most of the morning after visiting with Mom and Dad Hale. 

Then we decided to go shopping. I'm ashamed to say that after just 20 minutes I was so done with shopping and ready to go home.  Kyle was visibly perturbed.  Since when does the husband have to encourage the wife to spend the afternoon shopping?  We walked around the mall for awhile, me dragging my feet.  What is this new phenomenon?  Perhaps it was my choice of shoe: 3 3/4" square toe mid-calf brown leather boots that do not bend at the ankle. I love these boots with all my heart, but I can hardly stand an hour walking in them.  This is probably why they still look brand new after spending eight years in my closet.

We abandoned the mall for our tiny apartment and I took a 2 hour nap.  We celebrated my newfound energy by enjoying sweet pork at Costa Vida followed by an evening of Brian Regan! 

Kyle gave me tickets to Brian Regan's show for Christmas so we had been looking forward to this for a long time.  It was definitely worth the wait!  We laughed so hard my throat hurts and my face is sore.  True signs of a night well-done.

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