Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Musings of the Wife

(I'm obsessed with taking close-ups of flower middles)
This week has been especially great because I have witnessed TWO instances of Kyle talking in his sleep.
Instance 1: "Safe travels."
Instance 2: "Did you talk to the nurse yet?"
He denies both accounts, but I was definitely awake enough to hear him clearly and giggle myself back to sleep.

After driving Kyle's car to work the last six months, I finally figured out how to work the windshield wipers!  All this time I thought they only had two settings: off and lightspeed.  I feel that I've made a major discovery here and now despise driving the Honda so much less.  But if only I could see through the cracks in the windshield...

I've been thinking lately, why do weatherpeople always report how the weather was today?  I mean really, I only watch the weather to plan for the unpredictable weather future.  I don't need to know that it was mostly cloudy today because I experienced it first hand!  And what is this "Stormtracker 5000" anyway?  Also, I've noticed that there is something strange about those weatherpeople.  Is it just me or do they all seem to have somewhat awkward personalities?  Maybe it is just newspeople in general.  Despite my generally awkward personality, I would not make a good newspeople.

Since our days of DVR magic have passed, gone are the evenings of watching Judge Judy reruns.  Kyle and myself are now in the habit of watching Family Feud after work.  I never thought I could enjoy this silly game show, but just like Judy, everything is so much funnier when you watch it with Kyle!  We have recently convinced ourselves that we would be great contestants on the show and will soon be petitioning all willing (and intelligent) family members to join us on the TV show.  Any takers?


Crystal said...

I am so glad you pointed out the awkward Weather People. I noticed that about them as soon as I moved to Utah. (I don't feel this way about Weather People anywhere else I've lived... just Utah.) Every single one of them is annoying.

I'm happy that I'm not the only one to have made that observation! :)

vickyj said...

It is important for the people who work in places with no windows to know what weather they missed. I am a weather junky, and enjoy the reportings of the weather day.

I had hoped to be a weather people at one time. I would not have reported the weather in Utah, however. Does that still make me annoying or weird?

I am pretty good at Family Feud. Just ask my brother.