Friday, March 26, 2010

Do You Wanna Get Rocked?

This is Kyle.  Kyle is my best friend.

Kyle loves to be silly.  He loves sports.  He loves Boise State.  He loves Idaho.  He loves me.

(Kyle and KISS)
But Kyle also loves to rock.

I wish I could properly document for you all of the dozens of conversations we have had that revolve around why Kyle would be a great rockstar.  These conversations usually include reference to his mad air guitar skills, his ability to "work the crowd," and his killer dance moves.  He has a series of band names that he periodically inquires as to which is my favorite.  I think Smooth Diamond is in there somewhere.  Often I even receive a play-by-play of how he would make his on-stage appearance amidst smoke, lights, and screaming fans.

You see, Kyle is a rockstar trapped in an HR Generalist's body.  I've tried encouraging him to pursue his dreams, learn to read music and practice on my pink guitar.  But I think he rather enjoys his mini-performances dancing around our tiny apartment or jamming with Def Leppard whilst enjoying a hot shower.  Afterall he really doesn't have time to go on the road, what with an awesome wife and all. 

Tell me, if he were to spend months on tour promoting his latest album, who would be here to sit on my feet so they stay warm?  And who would reuse all our sandwich bags?  It would be an awful travesty, is what it would be.  I'm so glad  Kyle McAwesome Post has decided to put his rockstar dreams on hold to be a successful stay-at-home air-guitarist/HR Generalist.

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