Friday, March 26, 2010

Carboholics Anonymous

Hello, my name is Kourtney.  I am a carboholic.

It is 11:00 AM and I have already consumed 4 pieces of whole wheat bread: two in toast form for breakfast and two in PBJ form for lunch. 

It is no wonder that Kyle exclaims on a weekly basis, "We go through so much bread!"  or "We're out of bread again?"  or "You're having toast?  Again?"

Recently I made Rhode's Dinner Rolls (which I love).  I made 6 for good measure because that's how many spaces I had in my muffin tin.  I ate 5 of them.  The same day. 

I'm publicly coming out with my addiction:  I really, really love carbs!  They seek me out, call my name in the night, and hunt me down until I devour all their carbohydrated goodness with reckless ambition. 

Is there hope for me?  Will I ever be able to kick the bread?  Only time will tell.

Also, I love chocolate.  With all my heart.


Joami said...

I NEVER complained about you're toast eating habits, or your bacon fetish. I think you should love me more then kyle. Alas, I know I shall never be so lucky. (tear)

vickyj said...

Whole Grain carbs are good for you. Especially with some form of protein like peanut butter. I have experienced a reduced craving for carbs when I stick to the wholesomeness of whole grain -- no white flour or sugar. It is true.
NOTE: "when I stick to . . ."