Sunday, March 28, 2010

Beautiful Day

Today was a beautiful day for some undercover spying.  We went to church in what will hopefully be our new ward and had a sneaking suspicion we may see the family who owns the house we are trying to buy.  The truth is, there really are a lot of LDS families in Utah and the odds were pretty good they are LDS too.  They made it really easy for us to pick them out because the Mrs. turned out to be the organist.  I felt so sneaky sitting amongst the sellers without them knowing!  We didn't want to run into them and risk experiencing one of my many awkward conversations, so we snuck out the minute church was over.  The few people in the ward we did talk to were friendly and there is definitely a plethora of children for me to oogle at.  I think we will like it!

Today was also a beautiful day for hard-core eating.  Good friends Kevin and Suzi fed us delicious lasagna and brownies for dinner.  We ate too much.  After our return home and obligatory 2 hour Sunday nap, we made our first attempt at homemade ice cream.  Strawberry ice cream.  While delicious, I feel like I have eaten a can of lard.  Perhaps it was the pint of heavy cream and the cup of whole milk that were used to create the ice cream.  We ate too much.  Next time we're going easy on the milk fat.

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