Monday, March 8, 2010

Boys Like Girls

Do you remember in elementary school when the boys would pick on the girls because they liked them?  Well, I don't think they ever grow out of that.  While attempting an evening nap, Kyle decided I needed to wrestle.  In the act of defending myself, I smacked his hand into my own face and now have an imprint of Kyle's fingernail placed perfectly on my forehead.  I must learn to better fight back. 

Did you see Sandra Bullock win an Oscar?  You better believe we were cheering her on!  I think we may have even shed some joyful tears in her behalf.  We love Sandra over here.  (Except not in All About Steve which was a horrible waste of time).  Kyle even has a little celebrity crush on that Sandra Bullock.  I don't mind, she's a classy choice (as long as you don't count the All About Steve disaster). 

My celebrity crush of choice?  Steve Carell.  I fell "in love" with Steve Carell in Dan in Real Life and you know what?  Kyle and Steve share a lot of similarities, especially in personality...  he says it's not true, but you can judge for yourself. 

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Suzi Q said...

Once when I was wrestling with Kevin I went face first into the edge of the window seal...I think it was right below the eye where I struck. It happens. For sure Kyle looks like Steve, no doubt. At all.