Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

So the Colts lost the Super Bowl, you know, and we are a little disappointed.  But we had a great time of it anyway.  (I told you this would end up on the blog Zane!)

Our friends have some of the cutest kids!  I love that Lexi calls me "Corky."  But only she can get away with it though, don't be gettin' any ideas.

Cody even cleaned the TV stand with a wipe!  He's so helpful!

Totally unrelated... look what came in the mail!  I'm so excited and now I just have to find the perfect lamp shade...

Also, today I came home from work and ate a ridiculous amount of leftover Super Bowl chocolate cake. I refuse to apologize.

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Megan Bourgault said...

oh my gosh kourtney i am OBSESSED with that lamp!!