Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Sickness

Well, I've been sick.  Again.  And you know something?  I don't feel very clever when I'm sick and all of my goings on these past few days are related to The Sickness and spending the night on the bathroom floor and how very curious my bathroom floor becomes when I've spent all night staring at it. 

But I could tell you how Kyle stayed home from work to take care of me and bring me gatorades and ice cubes and he even let me have the whole bed to myself one night... probably because he was afraid of sleeping next to The Sickness. 

Or how I watched the 10 most interesting minutes of The Bachelor, all because I was home with The Sickness. 

Maybe you would be interested to know that I had Britney Spears' 123 stuck in my head during a whole night of The Sickness and really that makes for extra unpleasant feelings for the Spears. 

Or perhaps you wanted to hear how very excited I was to finally wash my hair after dealing with days of The Sickness. 

And anyway, I'm really pretty sure you'd rather not hear about The Sickness at all.  And for those of you who I know are wondering, I assure you The Sickness I refer to is most definitely not The Other Sickness that comes in the mornings and is mysteriously related to babies.  So sorry to disappoint.

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KimiK said...

I am so very sorry you are so very sick with The Sickness :( I hope you get feeling better. I do like all of the fun pics you put up to describe The Sickness though :) and by the way, not everyone has morning sickness in the morning...I was sicker at night when I was pregnant with Kendrie. Just sayin':D