Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rocky Mountain High

One of our favorite pastimes these days is driving around for hours and hours looking at houses and neighborhoods, imagining where we would like to live once we manage to bust out of our tiny apartment and into homeownership.  So here we were, Mr. and Mrs., armed with slippers, Skinny Cows, and our trusty GPS, off again in search of the perfect place to plant ourselves.  But isn't this $8000 tax credit such a mighty motivator?

On one of our most recent journeys, we discovered that Utah is quite a bit more beautiful than I have noticed.  Impressive peaks, no?  And who even knew that Draper wound all the way behind those mountains??  We were totally surprised, and it was rather nice.  The only downside being the cloud of polluted haze gathering in the valley of this picturesque scene.  Oh the dreaded inversion.  Its such a curse word over here.  Utah has a lot of potential, but the inversion kinda ruins it for me...

At Estes Park, in the tops of the Colorado mountains.
And then I remember how much I miss Colorado, where the mountains seem bigger, the air clearer, and the thunderstorms so much more memorable.  Utah is nice, you know, and I'm happy to be living here for now.  Just wouldn't it be so much more exciting if we were house-hunting on the other side of the Rocky Mountains??



Jamie said...

FULLY AGREE!!! Utah has some nice mountains, when you can see them. But I'd take the Rockies any day of the week!! AWE!! Well our hearts are keeping each other company in Colorado ;o)

Megan B said...

It WOULD be so much more exciting!! I would highly prefer that option ;)

Crystal said...

Colorado is where my heart lies, as well. But we need to stop talking about it. If too many people know how wonderful it is, then housing prices there will sky-rocket :)

I hope so much that Colorado is where we all end up.