Friday, January 8, 2010

TGIF or Something Like That

Today's Friday has been especially eventful.  And so I present to you my highlights so far:

Crashing a farewell party... only these people were not there.  Don't they look like fun people though?  Next time I crash a party it will be theirs, for sure.

Learning that a granola bar thief is lurking in our office break room... and its not me!

Discovering that the Hannah Montana show is nearing an end.

Remembering there are Skinny Cows in my freezer!

Hearing Richard Heene make an idiot of himself on national news.  Again.  Oh, and he's going to jail.  Or is it prison?

Considering the difference between jail and prison...

Scoring a 1 oz. bottle of hand sanitizer.  You know, to keep me away from the pig flu.

Longing for the weekend to finally come...

Convincing Mr. Post to take me on a date!

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