Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm Not Big On Social Graces

I used to work in a wholesale accessories showroom in Denver.  Maybe you've heard me talk about it?  It was definitely one of my most favorite jobs ever.  So over the weekend I had the chance to return to the Denver Merchandise Mart for the WESA market (Western & English Sales Association).  It's an international show and buyers from around the world come to place orders for boots, cowboy hats, tack, and clever women's accessories, of course!  Its one of the few times I get to spend days and days listening to country music and practicing my faulty southern drawl. 

And now somethin' inside me is itchin' for a pair of Old Gringo cowboy boots...


To get to Denver and back I flew on a United buddy pass.  This was very stressful for me not knowing when exactly (and if) I'd get on a plane, especially because on both flights my luggage arrived hours before I did.  I passed the time reading fashion magazines, and snapping random pictures of the airports.  Somehow I managed to resist the TCBY, which was boldly calling to me for hours on end...


This is Deb.  Deb is the president of Artwearables, the aforementioned accesssories showroom, and she's been like family to me over the years.  She's bold and spunky and knows what's what when it comes to the hottest accessories.

Deb married Kelly a few years ago and they still act like crazy newlyweds!  I love that they're so happy together.

And THIS, my friends, is Denver, the city that I love so much. I used to drive down to Denver when I was having a bad day and just walk the streets alone, staring up at the skyscrapers.  There's something about being in a big city that makes me feel like I can do anything; there's so much to be discovered!  I love the bustling energy from the lights, the traffic, the shopping, the people.... *sigh*  I do love it so.

I'll tell you what though, as much as I love that Denver, there ain't nothin' better than coming home to this handsome husband of mine after being away for 5 days!  And he even cleaned the house while I was gone! Woohoo!

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Abby and Jason said...

You rock those gringo boots!