Monday, January 4, 2010

The City With a Future

Wednesday afternoon we trudged our little Toyota through piles of Utah snow so we could celebrate New Year's with family in Middleton, Idaho.  You know, the "city with a future."  Lucky for us,  it snowed all day Thursday so we could go sledding!  Middleton was a little short on hills so we hooked a sled up to the back of a 4-wheeler and took turns driving each other in circles around a nearby park.  It was the very most fun you could ever imagine!

Before all the snow melted, Kyle insisted on building a snowman.  I had perfectly good intentions of helping him, but decided it was really important to have an indoor photographer to document the birth of our man-of-snow.

It really is a good thing I was inside taking pictures, because I was able to capture this especially delicious picture of my Kyle.  What a hunk!!

This is the last known photo of man-of-snow.  Rain and above-freezing temperatures have been ruled the cause of death.

We kinda have this thing where whenever we're in Boise we go to the mall, play with the puppies, and eat pretzels.  Who can resist a man with a dog?  I mean really.

And on Saturday we bowled.  I'm sorry to say, but I'm not a very good bowler, really.  In fact, our 4 year-old niece almost beat me.  But did you know that all the Posts are exceptional athletes?  I have only been a Post for 3 months now, so I didn't get any of that natural-born athletic superiority.  I blame my weak arms.

Also included in the week's festivities was New Year's Eve card games and alcohol-free midnight toast, the New Year's Day Japanese food fest at the Okamura's (complete with irresistible desserts), and the chocolate pie that was mysteriously consumed by a thief in the night (definitely not me).


Abby and Jason said...

What a fun weekend! I love the snowman!

Kellie said...

love the snowman.
love the pictures you took.
love that you stayed inside! Hahaha