Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How Do You Like Them Apples?

Didn't you hear?  Oh yes, Boise State won the Fiesta Bowl and that means I am married to the happiest man in the world.  One might even say he is giddy or gleeful, but that just doesn't sound manly enough to describe a serious football fan, now does it?

Moments after winning the game, Kyle and his manly football friend Kevin embraced in a very manly celebratory hug, not unlike the one you see here.  Oh yes, there was jumping and shouting and high-fives all around, even from yours truly!  Yes, even I experienced the 4th quarter nail biting goosebumps and even I felt a wave of pride for the underdog no one picked to win.

I really do have a lot to celebrate.  Not only did my new favorite collegiate team win a very important bowl game, but my husband is sublimely happy and I no longer have to hear about all the ways Boise State can and must win a BCS bowl... that is, until next season.  For a few more months at least, I have my husband back!  Now he will have plenty of time to shower me with his undivided attention... or something like that.

 And for all those who are not facebook friends with Kyle, I leave you with his most inspiring post-game message:

to all the TCU players and fans who said you were going to 'destroy Boise State.' To ESPN, CBS Sports, Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports, and all Utah sports radio stations who doubted Boise State.  To the Mountain West Commissioner and fans of the Mountain West Conference who don't EVER give Boise State any credit... HOW... DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES???  GO BRONCOS!!

On a somewhat related note, is it just me or is there a similarity between these two photos? 
I'm just sayin...

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