Thursday, December 17, 2009

With liberty and justice for all

Mid-air ridiculousness.  Don't you love it?

Kyle has introduced me to many new things including, but not limited to: Sprite with eggnog, fantasy football, Live Free or Die Hard, and Judge Judy.  Never before had I ever watched an episode of Judge Judy, nor had I ever wanted to.  I had no idea Kyle enjoyed it so much until we were married with a DVR and I came home from work to find him watching recorded episodes almost every day.  I snickered, I laughed, I poked fun at him... and now I watch it too.  Isn't that what happens when you're married?  One day you find yourself enjoying things you once thought to be utterly ridiculous. 

Most evenings happen like this:  I come home from work about 5:30 to find Kyle, also home from work, watching Judge Judy in his basketball shorts and t-shirt.  I watch with him for an episode or so and then remember I'm still wearing nylons (against my will) and change into sweats.   I then scrounge around the kitchen for something to cook up for dinner.  Kyle always asks if I need help, I always say "no thank you." 

Amidst my simmering, slicing, and baking I overhear Judge Judy dish out justice left and right while Kyle offers his usual witty commentary.  Sometimes, if it's a really good one, Kyle will call me over to watch the "instant reply" via DVR magic.  It's a wonderful family tradition we have - me, Kyle and Judy all sharing the space in our tiny apartment.  I'm still surprised the show has lasted so long, but I'm convinced Kyle's enthusiastic support is keeping Judy in business.  Really though, if you don't like the show you should watch it with Kyle.  He makes everything more entertaining!  But I might be biased.

So I leave with you a few Judge Judy quotes to bring a little justice to your day:

"Sir, the table didn't have three beers and get up and move!!!"

"Do you know when a gift becomes a loan? When the relationship is over. Have you ever heard that, sir? Well, neither have I. I just made it up. I'm going to put it on coffee mugs."

"I'm the boss applesauce."

"Sir don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining."

"I'm like a truth machine."

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Abby and Jason said...

I love the peeing on the leg comment. Priceless :)