Friday, December 18, 2009

I Will Not

was going to tell you about how much I am in love with these most delicious peanut butter bon bons I made the other day, but then I realized that a lot of my posts have to do with food...  and so I will not tell you about how I am drooling at the thought of peanut butter bon bons waiting for me at home.  I will somehow resist telling you how I ate approximately 5 of them yesterday and 3 for breakfast this morning.  And, I'm sorry to say, I simply will not describe to you the delicious dark chocolate coating that is the perfect crunchy compliment to the bon bons' smooth peanut butter center.

But if I were to tell you of the peanut butter bon bons, I would certainly mention that they have brought peace and joy to our home.  You see, I could have been mad at Kyle for eating the last of the ice cream, but instead I had me some bon bons (really, they are so much better than ice cream anyway). 

Peanut butter bon bons=marital bliss.

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Crista said...

I think you posted how good they were even though you said you werent. If you dont know me,I know kim,she was my young womens leader! I like reading your blog,I find your posts interesting.