Monday, December 14, 2009

Thoughts on m

I am often faced with a very tough decision.  Gazing into the vending machine glass, I see on one side Peanut m&m's.  On the other, almost as if in defiance, stands the Peanut Butter m&m's.  They are close cousins, you see, both being from the peanut and all, but choosing a favorite is like favoring a child.  Or so I imagine.  I try to be fair and alternate from one to the other throughout the weeks but lately... lately the Peanut Butter has won my heart. 

The Peanut Butter is ever so special. Perhaps an indulgence, even.  When I eat Peanut Butter I eat them slowly and carefully because they are richer than the others and I don't want them all to go away too soon.  Anyway, devouring an entire bag in a couple handfuls would be so disrespectful, but wouldn't it?

Peanut is the best friend I can't get enough of.  I can't help but greedily devour Peanut by the handful and then when they are all gone I just wish I could have more. 

Almond is the quiet old gentleman.  I wish that I loved him more, but really he is just too nutty and not chocolatey enough.  Almond is for the aristocrat.  Perhaps someone who reads the Journal would daintily consume Almond one nibble at a time.

I feel so sorry for Plain because, well, it is just that: plain.  I would never actually buy a bag of Plain, but I certainly wouldn't turn it away if one was offered.  Plain... plain is the last one picked on the dodgeball team.  Or the dreadfully dull blind date.  Sorry, Plain, but you are really only worth snacking on when paired with something else, preferably trail mix, a sugar cookie, or blended up in a Dairy Queen Blizzard.

I know, I know, I spent far too much time thinking about this but when you eat a bag of Peanut Butter m&m's, you have plenty of time for thought.


Abby and Jason said...

Mmmmmmmm :0)

KimiK said...

My favorite are the strawberried peanut butter ones :) mm mmm mmmmm tasty!

Nick and Jaimee said...

Peanut Butter gets my vote, ALWAYS!