Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Sports

Thanksgiving is about gratitude and family and good food and traditions.  It is also about sports.  All kinds of sports, in fact.  Sports for the husband, and sports for the wife.  What more can you be thankful for??

The Sport of Holiday Cooking
Long before we woke up, Kyle's mom was already up cooking a first-rate Thanksgiving feast.  I joined in soon enough to learn the ropes of Margaret's Mashed Potatoes and the new-to-the-Post-family grape salad that only a few of us seemed to really like.

The Sport of Basketball
Nephews and uncles battled it out in a game of half-court basketball.

The Sport of Feasting
But eating so much really is a sport, don't you think?

The Sport of the Family Turkey Bowl
Every year the Posts play the cousins, the Okamuras.  Every year, but one, the Okamuras have won.

The Sport of Spectating
Good wives watch their husbands play sports, right?  We were so brave to be cheering them on in the cold!

The Sport of Losing yet Another Year
It was a close game, but another victory for the Okamuras.  The coveted turkey trophy is a hard prize to give up.

Kyle Being a Good Sport?

The Sport of Black Friday Shopping!
Armed with Thanksgiving ads, we braved the streets of Boise, Idaho at 4:30am with Devin and Ashley.

The Sport of Catching the Sunrise
Kyle and I headed home at 7:30am, just in time to catch the sunrise.  We then slept until noon.

The Sport of Christmassing
I convinced Kyle's parents to get out the tree and decorate!

The Sport of Another Victory
Of course, no holiday would be complete without a Boise State victory.  I was really ok that we watched this one from the comforts of home instead of freezing to death at the blue turf.  Warren and Kim were so kind to have us over to enjoy the game!

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