Friday, November 27, 2009

If it were all up to me...

Paper towel holders would dispense exactly 3 towels to dry your hands in the public restroom.  It is, in fact, the perfect amount for drying hands.  Just try it.

Working out wouldn't be so much work.

Everyone would write in pen.  Don't you just hate those smudgy pencil marks too?  Writing in pen requires some serious commitment to whatever it is you are writing.

Milk would never spoil.

I could close my eyes and disappear.

Chocolate would be calorie-free and remain just as delicious.

No one would work on snowy days.

My sewing machine would never eat my projects.

Boise State football would forever be undefeated and coach Pete would never age (this one's for Kyle).

Doing nothing wouldn't be so exhausting.

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