Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tea and Crumpets

The first few hours of a sick day are wonderfulish; sure I feel like crap but I get to lay around all afternoon in my pj's napping on the couch and indulging in herbal teas and crumpets.  But, now that I've been home sick for one and one-half days, I've just about eaten all my crumpets and the tea has lost its novelty.  I'm alone and I'm bored.  I probably could have gone in to work today, but my co-workers appreciate me not infecting them, I'm sure.  So, I've done what any self-respecting bored sicky would do: I watched an hour long E! special on the Kardashians.  I also sewed.

No, we are not expecting babies.  Sorry to disappoint.  But somewhere along the line I got inspired to applique baby onesies.  I bought a 5-pack from WalMart and had my way with them.  I'm thinking a few more embellishments may be in order, but that will have to be for another day.  The sewing has exhausted me.  Or maybe it was the Kardashians... hard to say.

I would also like to send a shout-out to myself for finding these beauties last week at D.I. for $2.00.  I cannot express in words the delight I felt in making such a find. If you remember back to here, you will see that I have wished for these very knick knacks for at least a month now.  Could life possibly get any better?


vickyj said...

You could get well. That would make life better, eh?

vickyj said...

I like the onesies. You did a good job. I like the ruffled one best. And a great find on the milk glass vases. I'll keep watch for additions.

Jamie said...

Um those onesies are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!! You are welcome to make something like that for Lexi at anytime!!!

Abby and Jason said...

Those onesies are adorable! I want you to make those for me! (or teach me) When I get on the baby train.