Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dear Santa...

I am officially 25 years old and, as of last Christmas, I still get presents from Santa.  Cute huh?  In hopes that this particular tradition will last through my married years, I am reverting to the childish act of writing my Christmas list.  Did you ever do that as a kid too?  Since it is two-thousand-nine and all, I'm pretty sure Santa is a fan of my blog.  He just follows privately.

Dear Santa,

Knick Knack Candlesticks
I am married now and married people decorate homes with knick knacks.  I have few such knick knacks and would really enjoy a pair of candlesticks. Vintage milkglass candlesticks to be exact.  These could only be more perfect if they were different heights, but I'll not be picky.

New Scriptures
Since Christmas is REALLY about Jesus Christ, what would be better than a new set of scriptures?!?!  I think it would be especially nice if you could put my new name on them.

Adjustable Dress form.
I know that Mrs. Claus does all the sewing for you, so you probably don't understand how awesome this is.  I love to sew, I really do, but I hate to use patterns.  I guess that's why I went to college to learn how to make them for myself.  BUT, its quite difficult for me to make patterns without one of these beauties. 
Some of my very wonderful friends gave me money for my birthday last year so I could buy one.  Only I used the money to buy a really spectacular hair-straightener so I could look beautiful and win over my now husband. 
You understand.

Acoustic Guitar
My dad was so kind as to let me "borrow" his nylon string acoustic guitar that he bought in Mexico in 1969.  While I love this guitar for its sentimental value, its neck is too wide for my hands, and even though I got used to playing on nylon strings, they have now broken and I'm too lazy to get them fixed. 
Perhaps if I had a beautiful 6 string to call my very own, I would return the Mexican marvel to my dad and we could play together like Billy Ray and Miley!  After I fix the nylon strings.  And learn to play for real. 
Oh forget it, I'll never be like Miley.  *sigh*

Wii Resort Sports
Kyle and I received a free Wii for signing a one-year lease with our apartment complex.  It came with Wii sports.  We have no other games.  We played Resort Sports at my parent's house and it was so fun!  MOSTLY because I beat Kyle at archery!  Every time!  Kyle is amazing and naturally good at just about everything so it is very exciting for me when I actually beat him at something.  Remember that ONE time I beat him at Scrabble?!?!  That win was totally worth the 100 times I lost. 

Mmmm....  how I love a good peacoat.

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Jamie said...

Good items!! Justin and I have been making our Santa lists too!! I added a Pathfinder to mine but I'm pretty sure Santa laughed in my face with that one. A girl can dream though right?