Monday, November 2, 2009


Something I love about Kyle is that he has favorites.  Usually his favorites are given as a "Top 5" and some tend to change periodically.  I've always been a little jealous that he can do this because I have a hard time picking my favorites. Maybe its my inability to commit to a favorite? I just can't decide? I don't want to hurt any feelings?  Or perhaps I'm just totally indifferent?  Whatever the reason, it makes me feel pretty boring.

A friend of mine (who also loved to list her favorites) once said; "Everyone has to have favorites.  Knowing your favorites helps to define you."  This is what she told me after I couldn't even name my favorite band, favorite actor, or favorite song.  I failed.

Well, my friends, I still can't pick a favorite band, actor, or song, but this weekend I decided that I do have a "Top 5" of my own to declare.  My top 5 inatimate objects.  For now.  For the sake of interesting blogging, this "Top 5" does not include items of spiritual or significant sentimental value such as my scriptures or family photos because inatimate objects are trivial things that just happen to make life more fun (and also that would make this list too predictable).

5.  Burt's Bees Blemish Stick with Tea Tree Oil - You smell like black licorice and sometimes you sting, but you take away blemishes overnight! Truly, you are a miracle stick.  I just wish you weren't so stinky.

4.  Franklin Covey Planner - You make my life so much easier and more organized and even when I'm not either of those things, just carrying you around makes me look like I am!  Because of you, I have so much to look forward to.  Only Kyle told me I shouldn't be planning in Church so... I'll leave you home on Sundays.

3. HAI Flat Iron - Don't be offended that Kyle doesn't understand you, he's a boy and he doesn't have any hair.  But to me, you are priceless.  I use you every day and without you, my out-of-control hair would never be straight.  It's not your fault my hair can't hold a curl - I know you do the best you can.

2.  Down Comforter - I blame you for making me want to stay in bed all day, but its really not your fault.  You can't help but be extra soft and fluffy and just the right amount of warm! 

1.  Kitchenaid Mixer - oh how I love you and all your sold-separately-accessories!  You have made me look 10 times more domestic with your whipping and mixing and stirring functions.  With you, I have mastered chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodles (almost), homemade crispy waffles, and mashed potatoes.  One day we will create souffle and sorbet and continue our life of domestic bliss. 


Abby and Jason said...

You are so funny! I love this post. I wish I knew more o my favorites. Mine are mostly conditional favorites-favorite color? It depends on what it's on...get my drift?

I'm glad that you mentioned our planner though, I've been playing with mine all day since I got my new refills...yay 2010!

Suzi Q said...

I can't commit to stuff EITHER! HOW FUNNY! I do love my kitchen aid mixer too... but I could live without a straighter...but not without a hair tie.

The Powells said...

you don't have me on your blog list. :((((