Monday, December 21, 2009

Real Date

I took six pictures in a row to finally get this one. Can you see the look on Kyle's face?  It says "please stop taking pictures, wife, you are embarrassing me and I can no longer see due to the blinding flash."  But really, you should have seen my face in the other pictures.  It had to be done.

We had a Real Date!  Funny though it sounds, Friday was the first time Kyle and I had been on a Real Date, all by ourselves, since our honeymoon (which was just 3 months ago...).  And by Real Date, I mean that a sit-down restaurant meal was included; that is how I know it was a Real Date.  I am a big believer in restaurant dining as the defining factor in a Real Date.  Take me to dinner, and win my heart forever - Kyle learned this early, but in our efforts to aggressively save every penny to buy a house of our very own, we don't eat out much anymore.  So thank you to our wonderful friends in California who sent us a Chili's gift card!  If it were not for you, there would have been no Real Date Friday night, even though we already had tickets to the Jon Schmidt Christmas Concert (it is the restaurant that makes the Real Date, remember?). 

The concert was fun, too.  If you are not familiar with Jon Schmidt, you should find him over on YouTube.  He is an exceptionally talented pianist with a quirky sense of humor.  We went to his Christmas concert last year too, and have decided that it just might be a yearly tradition for us.

Kyle and myself at the '08 Jon Schmidt Christmas Concert.  We had just been dating two months!
(this makes me miss my brown hair...)

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Abby and Jason said...

I love your brown hair in the 2008 picture! I forgot it used to be dark!